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3 Signs You Should Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt in 2024

Credit card consolidation combines multiple balances, ideally under a lower interest rate, which can help you get out of debt faster.

1. You have a decent credit score

Your credit score is one of the most important factors when consolidating credit card debt, because strong credit will help you qualify for a debt consolidation product that is similar or lower than your current interest rate.

2. You’re juggling multiple credit card balances

If you’re struggling with many balances, consolidating can help because it combines multiple debts into one, usually via a balance transfer card or a debt consolidation loan. This can make debts seem more manageable, since you only have one payment instead of multiple.

3. You’re making minimum monthly payments

If you feel like you can’t get out from under your credit card debt, that’s because you’re not just dealing with the debt itself, but also the interest that accumulates when you carry a balance. 

Consolidation can help break the high-interest trap, especially if you go with a balance transfer card, since these cards have zero-interest promotional periods that can last up to 21 months. You’ll pay no interest during this time even if you carry a balance.

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