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7 Free Legal Services for Elderly Americans


As Americans age, there are many legal complexities they must navigate. Most individuals require expert legal assistance at some point in their life. If you suffer from financial uncertainty, it can be tough to afford legal services. Fortunately, there are multiple programs designed to provide free or low-cost legal help to older Americans.

Bankruptcy Assistance

If you are a senior facing significant financial hardship, bankruptcy might be your only option. Declaring bankruptcy can be legally challenging if you are not well researched. In most cases, you will require a lawyer. However, there are organizations like Upsolve that help seniors file for bankruptcy process, free of charge. If you are overwhelmed with confusing paperwork, consider reaching out to an organization for bankruptcy assistance.


Estate Planning

Seniors can receive free assistance for drafting and updating estate planning documents. If you need to update your will and testament or trust, organizations like AARP offer free online kits to help you plan and sort your documents. YouTube is another free resource for learning how to properly complete your paperwork.


Eviction Assistance

Facing eviction is never easy. Aside from the financial hurdles, eviction requires you to take careful legal action. Government services may provide you with guidance and representation if you find yourself in an eviction proceeding.


The more we age, the higher our chances of developing mobility issues or other disabilities that prohibit us from working. When filing for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you might need legal representation to prove your disability. Some organizations offer free disability law services, and some organizations will only charge a fee if they win your case. Consider reaching out to the National Disability Rights Network, a nonprofit organization that provides advocacy services to disabled Americans.


Senior Legal Hotlines

Some states offer complimentary legal advice for seniors over the phone. Check with your local senior center or state bar association to determine if these services are offered in your locale.


Advance Directive Planning

Your advance health care directive ensures that your medical wishes are known to your loved ones and medical professionals. Additionally, it can grant medical power attorney to an individual of your choice. Many states offer free forms and administrative assistance for seniors who wish to establish a health care directive.


Foreclosure Prevention

Seniors who are at risk of foreclosure may be able to obtain government assistance. Contact your local HUD office for resources. If you can get connected to an advocate, they might be able to work with your mortgage lender to modify your mortgage terms or provide a special forbearance. Need extra cash for your expenses? This site pays up to $25 per survey.

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