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Simple Strategies To Save You May Not Have Known

Time to shape up on those new year promises to start February.

It’s never too late if you have started to slip up on some savings goals, here are some different strategies to try before we start the rest of the year.

Cancel and rotate subscriptions

You can start saving $10 to $30 a month by canceling and creating a rotation for your streaming subscriptions based on movie catalog and shows you're currently watching. Keep one or two active services and cancel the rest or pause them when a show wraps up then rotate to your next subscription month by month. Sales for streaming services can pop up at any time of the year so keep an eye out and keep active reminders for upcoming renewal dates!

Stop impulse buying by curbside pickup

With the option of curbside pickup available at major retailers you can cut down your bill by limiting impulse buys and easily comparing prices and coupons that pop up during checkout. Many consumers find a difference of $50 to $100 in their grocery bills than if they went into the store because you only buy the items on your list.

Ask for discounts

As simple as it sounds, speaking up for yourself is another saving strategy. Asking for bank late fees or overcharge fees to be waived, or even asking for a discount on products that are damaged or worn like shoes that have a scuff on them. There is no reason not to ask when the worst answer could be no, and it might just save you some money.

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