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Top Money Regrets of 2023

2023 was a year of financial ups and downs. Many Americans felt confident to end the year but too many wished they could have changed some key money habits to end the year a bit stronger. Here are some of the top money regrets of 2023 and how you can change them for a better 2024 and onward.

  • Not saving enough: Many individuals regret not saving more money, whether it's for emergencies, retirement, or other financial goals.

  • Impulse or over spending: Regret often stems from impulsive purchases that didn't align with one's financial goals or priorities.

  • Taking on too much debt: Accumulating excessive debt can be a significant regret for many, especially high-interest debt that becomes challenging to repay.

  • Not planning for retirement: Failing to start saving for retirement early enough or not contributing enough to retirement accounts is a problem many seniors face when when realizing their true retirement cost.

End Note

These money regrets can serve as valuable lessons for us to reassess our financial habits and make better-informed decisions in the future for 2024. It's essential to learn from these experiences and take steps to improve financial well-being moving forward.

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