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10 Lucrative Careers that Don’t Require a Bachelor’s in 2023

Updated: Oct 4, 2023


You might think it’s impossible to find a high-paying job without a degree. However, there are a variety of well-paid roles that don’t necessitate a formal education. While these jobs require specialized skills, certifications, and experience, they can be a great option for individuals who don’t have the resources or desire to attend college.

Software Developer

Many software developers are self-taught or have completed coding bootcamps and gained proficiency in programming languages. Building a strong portfolio of projects and demonstrating coding skills can help you secure high-paying positions in the tech industry.

Digital Marketer/SEO Specialist

Digital marketing roles involve promoting products or services online. Specializing in areas like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media marketing can lead to high-paying positions, especially if you can demonstrate a track record of successful campaigns.

Cybersecurity Analyst/Administrator

As the digital landscape expands, the need for cybersecurity experts has grown significantly. These professionals are responsible for protecting computer systems and networks from cyber threats, ensuring data privacy, and responding to security breaches. Need a credit card with great security features? This site can help you get approved.

Medical Professionals

Some medical specialties tend to command high salaries without a degree requirement. For example, radiologists and anesthesiologists can earn competitive salaries without a formal education, due to the extensive training and expertise needed.

Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee construction projects, coordinate schedules, manage budgets, and ensure projects are completed on time and within specifications. While a degree is beneficial, substantial experience and certifications can lead to higher-paying roles.


These tradespeople install and repair plumbing and piping systems in various settings. Apprenticeships and vocational training programs are common paths to entering these professions.

Commercial Pilot

Becoming a commercial pilot requires flight training and various certificates. If you can obtain a commercial pilot's license, there are plenty of job opportunities available. Pilots operate aircraft for airlines, charter companies, or cargo carriers.

Commercial Diver

Commercial divers perform underwater tasks such as welding, inspecting structures, and underwater construction. Specialized training and certification are needed to become a commercial diver.

Elevator Installer/Repairer

Elevator installers and repairers maintain and install elevators, escalators, and other lift equipment. They typically complete apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents represent buyers and sellers in property transactions. They help sellers list a home, set a price, and find buyers. To get started in this career, you typically need a high school diploma and a real estate license.

End Note

Skill development, networking, and obtaining relevant certifications can help you land a high paying job in these fields. The job market is subject to change as technology progresses and economic conditions fluctuate. Before choosing a career, thoroughly research job requirements and specifications as well as your regional job market.

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