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6 Bills You Should Never Set to AutoPay

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


Autopay can be a convenient way to manage your bills and ensure timely payments. It’s reassuring to know that you won’t neglect an important charge. However, not all bills are suitable for automation. Certain types of bills should always be paid manually in order to avoid potential complications.

Gym Memberships

Many gym contracts can be difficult to cancel. Putting a gym membership on autopay may lead to ongoing charges even if you’ve stopped using the gym or wish to cancel your membership.

Free Trials

It’s common for companies to require credit card information in order to access a free trial of their services. Unfortunately, you may forget to cancel before the trial period ends, leading to unnecessary charges.

Subscription Services

It’s easy to forget about subscription services over time. When it comes to streaming platforms and magazines, pay your bills manually to ensure that you only pay for services that are currently in use. Many subscription services do not require an annual contract, so evaluate your subscriptions monthly to determine which ones you wish to keep. This includes smaller charges like app subscriptions and other recurring microtransactions. They may seem insignificant, but they add up over time.

Annual/Infrequent Bills

Bills that occur on an infrequent basis are difficult to remember. These include expenses like property taxes and insurance premiums. If you automate infrequent bills, you might not notice when the amount changes significantly or you no longer need the coverage.

Mistake-Prone Bills

Some bills may have errors or inaccuracies from time to time, such as medical bills or utility bills. By reviewing your statement manually before payment, you can catch any mistakes and avoid overpaying. Need a card for virtual payments? This site can help you obtain a credit card, even with poor credit.

Variable Bills

Credit card charges can vary significantly from month to month. If money is automatically pulled from your checking account to cover your fees, you might risk overdraft charges. This is especially true if your account balance is frequently near the limit. Utility bills are also prone to major fluctuations. By paying your utility bill manually, you can closely monitor your water and energy usage. Analyzing your statement in detail will help you determine how you can cut back.

End Note

Autopay is appropriate for many bills, but there are times when it requires careful consideration. If you are concerned about forgetting to pay, you can set up payment reminders as an alternative to automation. Always keep a close eye on your finances to avoid unnecessary costs.

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