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Back to School....At Home?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in many states, counties and local municipalities, schooling from home continues to remain an integral part of the curriculum. This may be a new phenomenon for children and parents alike, and there certainly are adjustments that have to be made while doing it. But there are some financial benefits that can come of it if you know where to save, and how you can overcome other expenses.

Upfront Costs You May Have To Be Prepared For:

1. Managing School From Home While Working

In order to make sure your children are engaged with their teachers and focusing on the subject, this will mean one or both parents need to remain at home with the children. This could affect parents work schedule, or could incur the costs of hiring a nanny or other sitter to supervise the activities.

2. Technology

Since schooling from home requires a reliable internet connection and computers or other handheld devices to stay connected, you may need to purchase this technology to make school happen. It's helpful to see if the school offers any finance or credit assistance for purchasing the appropriate technology to make it happen. If you need a credit card, this site could help you get approved, even with poor credit.

Saving Money By Schooling From Home:

While attending school remotely may have a few drawbacks to the overall costs, it can also help you keep money in some ways. You might be surprised at how even these small ways to save could add up.

1. Transportation

You may not even think about how often you drive your children to school or how the fees to ride school buses affect local taxes. With school from home, you can save on gas costs to take your children to school, and you don't need to worry about getting them on the bus at a certain time.

2. Activity Fees

Since you're at home and now in charge of children's activities, you don't have to worry about paying activity fees or miscellaneous costs that come with sending your children to traditional schools. You might be able to put that money back in your grocery bill


3. School Uniforms

Some schools have dress codes or require uniforms for their students which can be a small cost to parents. When your children are schooling from home, you no longer have to worry about that.

The bottom line is since most people have good enough technology to take online courses today, the idea of remote schooling isn't as far fetched as it used to be. If you do need a little assistance making it happen, there are consumer finance and credit organizations out there that can approve you for funding for certain purchases if you qualify.

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