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Christmas in July! Plan Now for a No-Stress Holiday Season

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

A Small Change To Your Holiday Plans Can Save Big Money.

COVID-19 has created a number of amazing opportunities to think about the way that we have done things in the past and how we might like to do them going forward. It has opened up doors of conversation in regards to things like personal finances and the like. One consideration that a lot of people have been making is how they might build up their savings and avoid having that last minute rush of spending right before the holidays. If you need to do some holiday shopping, this site can provide you with a credit card for online purchases.

A lot of people put purchases on their credit card in order to make sure all of their loved ones get some material possession that they want around the holiday season. That is thoughtful, but perhaps not as much as it could be. What if one were to make gifts for their loved ones rather than just buy them? That could prove to be less costly and more emotionally meaningful at the same time. Since many of us are trapped indoors as a result of the virus anyway, perhaps now is the time to look at changing the way that we give gifts. Crafting and other activities can lead to many great gifts being given. A lot of people have begun to take up hobbies in crafting and similar activities. They have had to find something to fill the ideal hours that can slip by in the day if they are not filled with something. Learning a new craft can help keep a person from wasting time that they don’t have worrying about things that are out of their control.

Can you imagine the surprise on someone’s face when you give them a gift that you have made yourself? They will be able to clearly see that you spend some of your time in quarantine thinking about them and working on creating something specifically for them to enjoy. Not only that, but you will probably have more money in your savings as a result of not running out to purchase something that the person doesn’t truly need. That is how everyone wins in these scenarios!

This is not all to say that you should abandon your credit card and never use them again, but it is to say that we are long past due as a country thinking about how we consume things and spend our money. We are a culture driven to consume, and that consumption can get out of hand and drive us to think in ways that we should not. Why not spend more time focusing on making something that our loved ones can truly enjoy? That is what will actually make an impact on their lives in the long run. Saving more money during a time like this is a good idea anyway. There are a lot of question marks about how reliable any given income really is when major worldwide events like this pandemic can spring up at any time. Saving for a rainy day like is critically important for all people. There are plenty out there right now who are simply not prepared for the next pandemic scenario. They need to better steel themselves for the next big event like this.

Something as minor as going with a homemade gift rather than one purchased at a store may not seem like that big of a deal at all, but all of those small actions can add up to big things over time. You start to save a little money here or there, and it compounds into great savings in the long run.

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