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Furloughed? Get Back on Your Feet!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

A furlough can be a big setback, but it isn't the end of the world. You didn't do anything wrong, and prospective employers will keep that in mind. In the wake of COVID-19, plenty of people are currently dealing with the aftermath of a furlough epidemic that has spread throughout the country, and here are some tips for receiving the assistance you need to get back on your feet.

Take advantage of the stimulus bill

First, if you haven't already received your stimulus payment from the federal government, make sure that you've provided the IRS with all the information it needs to get you the money that you're owed. While the amount of money you'll receive from your stimulus payment won't make up for the paychecks you've lost, this temporary funding will help you stay calm while you plan out the next steps. If you need extra cash, check out this convenient website that pays up to $25 per survey.

File for unemployment

Next, you might want to consider filing for unemployment. Receiving unemployment compensation has a few significant drawbacks, but when you've lost your livelihood and you're trying to make ends meet, anything helps. As long as you continue looking for a job and keep providing information to unemployment authorities, you'll receive a

weekly check or direct deposit that will help you pay the bills and keep your head above water.

Fall back on your community

Communities come together during times of trial. Whether it's at your local place of worship or on social media, ask members of your community if there's anything they can do to help. We understand that asking for handouts is the last thing you want to do right now, but a helping hand might be just the thing you need to find a new job and get your usual income back.

Visit a local job center

The best resource at your disposal when you've been laid off might be your local job center. Both government-operated and private job centers have branches all around the country, and at these locations, you can continue your job search with the assistance of trained professionals who will help you put your best foot forward and find the right gigs.

If visiting a physical job center doesn't seem like the right approach, you can always take your job search online. There are quite a few different websites that post job openings in your local area, and it's often possible to submit applications online as well. You might find that there are no relevant job openings in your area, so stay open to the idea of relocating for the right opportunity.

Don't panic

Remember that you have the inner resources to make it through any crisis. While it's hard not to worry when your livelihood has just been thrown out the window, keep in mind that plenty of people have been in worse situations and that your job experience will put you in a preferential position as an applicant.

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