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Halloween Savings Guide

Updated: Oct 16, 2023


Halloween is right around the corner. Are you financially prepared? From candy to costumes, Halloween can take a major toll on your wallet. Fortunately, there are some cost-saving strategies you can implement to enjoy Halloween on a budget.


Purchasing apparel and props is usually the most expensive component of the holiday. In order to cut down on costume expenses, consider crafting your own costumes using thrifted items or clothing you already have at home. With a little creativity and effort, you can put together a stunning costume without blowing your budget. If you have costumes leftover from previous years, you might be able to reincorporate items from the past into a new creation. Need a costume for your child? You may benefit from organizing a costume swap with friends or family. If all else fails, you could always opt for the classic bedsheet ghost outfit. Challenge yourself to use your imagination instead of purchasing a ready-made costume at the store.


Planning early is a must. If you wait until the last minute to purchase candy, you will suffer inflated prices. Search for supplies at a dollar store or discount store in order to locate the best deals. You should also keep an eye out for discounts and value packages. If you are okay with sacrificing variety for a lower price point, consider ordering bulk candy packages online. Make sure that you don’t go overboard on candy purchases and end up with more than you need. Your previous experience should give you an idea of how many trick-or-treaters to expect in your neighborhood.


Like candy, Halloween decorations can be found in dollar stores at affordable prices. You may also consider experimenting with DIY decorations to cut your cost even further. For example, carve your own jack-o’-lantern or craft tombstones using spray paint and cardboard. Need extra cash for the holiday? This site pays up to $25 per survey.

Activities and Events

If you have Halloween plans beyond passing out candy, it's imperative that you stay mindful of your budget. Theme parks and ghost tours can drain your funds quickly. Don’t neglect community events, including trunk-or-treats or your town’s fall festival. Check your local listings to find holiday fun for free. You can also create your own activities by throwing a small party or building a haunted house for your neighborhood.


Saving money on Halloween is all about searching for deals and thinking outside of the box. We encourage you to shop smart and always be aware of your budget. We hope you have a great holiday.

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