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Summer Savings Guide


Summertime is here. It’s the perfect time of year to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some outdoor activities. Whether you’re grilling out, hopping in a pool, or taking a vacation, summer expenses can add up fast. It’s important to keep your budget in mind when planning your summer fun, so we compiled this guide to help you save big this summer.

Budget Entertainment Costs

Budgeting your entertainment costs will help you from overspending. Calculate your monthly expenses to determine how much cash you can set aside for leisure. You can break down your budget further by organizing your spending money into categories like restaurants, movies, and events.

Use Online Tools to Plan Travel

If you plan on indulging in a summer vacation, there are a variety of online tools at your disposal. These online resources scan the web to find the best deals on rental cars, flights, and hotels. Some sites even offer full entertainment packages that consolidate your travel expenses into one payment. These sites can provide massive savings.

Limit Air Conditioning Costs

Since air-conditioning is a huge component of your summer expenses, increasing your efficiency can lead to major savings. Make sure that you replace your air conditioning filters frequently and clear your vents of dust and debris. Use blackout curtains to block incoming heat from the sun. Although it might be uncomfortable at first, turning the AC up a few notches will seriously reduce your electric bill. If you need extra cash for this summer, check out this site that pays up to $25 per survey.

Try Gardening

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is both rewarding and frugal. The price of seeds and gardening supplies might seem like a hefty initial expense. However, supplementing store-bought produce with homegrown crops is a thrifty strategy. This will take some patience for the inexperienced, but it will pay off in the end. Make sure to grow crops that are in-season in your local area.

Make Your Own Fun

Theme parks and bowling alleys can be tempting, but excessive entertainment costs will hurt your pockets. Consider cheaper alternatives such as backyard games, nature trails, or public swimming pools. If you keep an open mind, you’ll be able to find engaging activities that don’t break your budget.

Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend

Many states offer a weekend of tax-free purchases in August. These tax-free weekends are usually aimed at back-to-school shoppers. If you need to make a large purchase, consider waiting until the tax-free weekend to enjoy a discount. Timing varies based on location, so check your local calendar to ensure you don’t miss out.

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