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What is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is a federal assistance program in the United States that provides financial grants and support services to low-income families with children. TANF aims to help families become self-sufficient by offering temporary financial assistance while also promoting work and personal responsibility. Here's how TANF could help your family:

Financial Aid

TANF provides monthly cash grants to eligible families, which can help cover basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The amount of assistance varies depending on factors like family size, age of children, income, and state policies.

Job Opportunities

TANF emphasizes the importance of work to achieve self-sufficiency. The program typically requires adult recipients to engage in work-related activities, such as job training, education, or actual employment. TANF recipients are encouraged to secure employment to reduce their reliance on public assistance.

Childcare Support

TANF often provides support for childcare expenses, allowing parents to participate in work or work-related activities without worrying about the cost of childcare.


TANF may offer opportunities for recipients to improve their education and job skills. By enhancing your credentials, TANF could make it easier to find better-paying jobs and improve your long-term prospects.

Supportive Services

TANF can offer access to various supportive services like transportation assistance, counseling, job placement services, and other resources. This program is intended to help families overcome barriers to employment and self-reliance. Low on cash? This site pays up to $25 per survey.

Case Management

TANF programs often provide case managers or caseworkers who work with families to develop individualized plans for achieving their financial goals. These professionals can offer guidance, resources, and support throughout the process.

Who is Eligible for TANF?

In order to qualify for TANF, you must fit into one of these categories:

· Pregnant individuals

· Individuals with children 18 years of age or younger

· Individuals 18 years of age or younger who are the head of their household

In addition, you must be unemployed or underemployed with low income. Only U.S. citizens, legal aliens, and qualified aliens can participate in this program. Specific eligibility requirements vary by state, so check your local policies.

Time Limits

Each state sets their own limitations on the length of time one can receive assistance from this program. Since the goal of TANF is to provide individuals with the necessary resources to gain financial proficiency, the time limits are intended to encourage families to work toward self-sufficiency within a defined timeframe.

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